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Jaccolin in Cincinnati


I am fortunate to have practices in two locations, and so I divide my time between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lily Dale, New York.  I spend much of each year—from October to May—at my home in Cincinnati, where I have a spiritual counseling practice and I make jewelry. 

My offerings in Cincinnati include:

In Cincinnati, you can sometimes find me serving at the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, or at special events sponsored by various local venues.  I am currently planning some special events, lectures, and workshops.  To see a list of my upcoming events and engagements in Cincinnati and elsewhere, see the Events page. 

I typically conduct individual readings and spiritual counseling in 30-minute sessions.  Vibrational healing and energy sessions are typically completed in 45- to 60-minute sessions.  Past-life regression sessions typically take a little over an hour.  Sessions of all type are available by appointment only.  Telephone readings must be scheduled in advance.  Group sessions, for multiple individuals wanting a reading together, are also available. 

Donations are $80 for a 30-minute reading.  Included is a complimentary digital recording of your session that you receive as a complimentary CD; however, I cannot guarantee the quality of the recording.  Donations for other session types vary by the specific service and duration of the session.  Please contact me for details. 

In-person sessions of all types are conducted in my home, which is located in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. 

Jaccolin Franchina
4821 Summerside Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Jaccolin Franchina * Clairvoyant Medium * Spiritual Counselor 

May to October * P.O. Box 1075 * One South Street * Lily Dale, NY 14752 * 716-595-3661

October to May * 4821 Summerside Road * Cincinnati, OH 45244 * 513-528-5185