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Jaccolin in Cincinnati


I am fortunate to have practices in two locations, and so I divide my time between Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lily Dale, New York.  I spend much of each year—from October to May—at my home in Cincinnati, where I have a spiritual counseling practice and I make jewelry. 

My offerings in Cincinnati include:

In Cincinnati, you can sometimes find me serving at the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church, or at special events sponsored by various local venues.  I am currently planning some special events, lectures, and workshops.  To see a list of my upcoming events and engagements in Cincinnati and elsewhere, see the Events page. 

I typically conduct individual readings and spiritual counseling in 30-minute sessions.  Vibrational healing and energy sessions are typically completed in 45- to 60-minute sessions.  Past-life regression sessions typically take a little over an hour.  Sessions of all type are available by appointment only.  Telephone readings must be scheduled in advance.  Group sessions, for multiple individuals wanting a reading together, are also available. 

Donations are $80 for a 30-minute reading.  Included is a complimentary digital recording of your session that you receive as a complimentary CD; however, I cannot guarantee the quality of the recording.  Donations for other session types vary by the specific service and duration of the session.  Please contact me for details. 

In-person sessions of all types are conducted in my home, which is located in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati. 

Evening hours available by appointment.

Jaccolin Franchina
4821 Summerside Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Jaccolin Franchina * Clairvoyant Medium * Spiritual Counselor 

May to October * P.O. Box 1075 * One South Street * Lily Dale, NY 14752 * 716-595-3661

October to May * 4821 Summerside Road * Cincinnati, OH 45244 * 513-528-5185